2018 Cupid Classic Junior Tournament L6

Posted Feb 11, 2018

2018 Cupid Classic Junior Tournament L6
Total Players: 75

Boys’ 12 Doubles: Santiago Lietzau and Vikram Narendran
Boys’ 12 Singles: Alexander Poputa
Boys’ 14 Doubles: Jacob Goldman and Jacob Kauffman
Boys’ 14 Singles: Martin Emmons
Boys’ 16 Doubles: Brendan Perry and Jared Perry
Boys’ 16 Singles:
Boys’ 18 Doubles: Jeevaj Bondalapati and Hayze Loop
Boys’ 18 Singles: Brendan Perry
Co-ed 10 Orange Singles: Diamond England
Girls’ 12 Singles: Lily Huether
Girls’ 12/14 Doubles: Sydney Casavant and Lauren Littell
Girls’ 14 Singles: Lauren Littell
Girls’ 16 Doubles: Emily Flowers and Annabelle Mulick
Girls’ 16 Singles: Emily Flowers