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This may be our LAST CHANCE!
By Jim Reffkin / August 2009

Great plans but can USTA deliver?
By Jim Reffkin / February 2008

The evolution of tennis
By Jeff Brack / February 2008

20 years ago: A history lesson for the USTA
By Jim Reffkin / November 2007

Let's get it straight
By Jeff Brack / July 2007

SURF your way to better ground strokes
By Jeff Brack / July 2007

Immediate play...
By Jim Reffkin / July 2007

On a rare occasion...
By Jeff Brack / April 2007

That pesky serve...
By Jeff Brack / January 2007

Public Tennis Facilities, is USTA really helping them?
By Jim Reffkin / January 2007

Where are we going?
By Jeff Brack / September 2006

Tennis - New York style!
By Jim Reffkin / September 2006

This is why...
By Jeff Brack / June 2006

Four years later... An update to USA Today
By Jim Reffkin / June 2006

Are you sure about that?
By Jeff Brack / March 2006

McEnroe finally took the foot out of his mouth!
By Jim Reffkin / March 2006

Do you really want THE TRUTH?
By Jeff Brack / December 2005

General Motors and American Doubles, a lack of vision!
By Jim Reffkin / December 2005

Tennis is now on the right "Path" in Tucson... and going national!
By Jim Reffkin / November 2005

In a sea of competing sports, you've got to have the shiniest lure
By Jeff Brack / August 2005

An ace for Kantarian and an "unforced error" for tennis...
by Jim Reffkin / August 2005

A picture is worth a thousand words...
By Jim Reffkin / May 2005

It's bad enough, but let's remember...
By Jim Reffkin / March 2005

Junior Tennis Competitive Path - By Sun Tennis Magazine
January 2005

Did we just get it?
By Jim Reffkin / January 2005

The Russians are coming...
By Jim Reffkin / September 2004

Golf - Same problems, same solutions...
By Jim Reffkin / July 2004

It's working - We've doubled junior participation!
By Jim Reffkin / May 2004

I made a mistake...
By Jim Reffkin / March 2004

It's the economy stupid...
By Jim Reffkin / January 2004

Nothing new!
By Jim Reffkin / November 2003

Soccer then tennis?
By Jim Reffkin / September 2003

Everyone agrees!
By Jim Reffkin / July 2003

Promise then quit...
By Jim Reffkin / January 2003

Good news and bad news...
By Jim Reffkin / November 2002

Are we changing now or will we pay later?
By Jim Reffkin / September 2002

Nothing more important...
By Jim Reffkin / July 2002

Did you know?
By Jim Reffkin / May 2002

By Jim Reffkin / January 2002

Did you know?
By Jim Reffkin / November 2001