5/13/16 Adult Mixed Fast Four Tournament

May 13, 2016

This was the very first Adult Fast Four tournament held at Reffkin Tennis Center! This was a doubles only tournament with a total of three matches for each team. Unlike a regular adult mixed tournament, teams played short sets to 4, win by 2. We had a total of 36 players and look forward to many more signing up for the Fast Four Event #2 in October.

This fast-paced tournament was a great way for mixed teams to come out, meet news players, and have some fun!

Congratulations to our champions!
Mixed 6.0 - Carrie Clancy and Joseph Clancy
Mixed 7.0 - Linda Skylar and David Swan
Mixed 8.0 - Mya Robertson and David Towne
Mixed 9.0 - Marc Avalos and Sandra Elliott

Don't forget to sign up for the next Singles Fast Four Tournament on October 1st!

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