5/28/16 - 5/30/16 Junior Cactus Cup

May 30, 2016

May 28, 2016 - May 30, 2016

This past weekend the Junior Cactus Cup was held at the Reffkin Tennis Center. There were a total of 180 participants ranging between boys' and girls' 10s-18s. This was a three day event that consisted of singles and doubles. Congratulations to our champions:

Boys' 16s - Andrew Fucci
Boys' 14s - Ntal Richards
Boys' 12s -  Greyson Casey
Girls' 18s - Anya Lamoreaux
Girls' 16s - Emiliaj-Emi Visic
Girls' 14s - MiaAngelina Ruja
Girls' 12s - Chae Rin Youn
Girls' 10s (Orange) - Reed Berbeco
Co-ed 10s (Green) - Mathis Valenta

Boys' 18s - Hussein Elalami and Cameron Krimbill
Boys' 16s - Beto Carlon and Andrew Fucci
Boys' 14s - Ethan Nguyen and Jack Swenson
Boys' 12s - Greyson Casey and Connor Swenson
Girls' 18s - Anya Lamoreaux and Madeline Lamoreaux
Girls' 16s - Tristanna Dechoux and Jocelyn Massey
Girls' 14s - Jaiden Feuer and MiaAngelina Ruja
Girls' 12s - Danielle Dyer and Kylie Pace
Co-ed 10s (Orange) - Ayden Fraire and Mathis Valenta

Thanks to everyone who came out to play and to all the supporters that came out to watch! We hope to see you at our next tournament!

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