07/31/15-08/02/15 Tucson City Championships

August 03, 2015

Friday, July 31st to Sunday, August 2nd

This past weekend was the Tucson City Championships-the largest tournament in the Southwest! With 238 participants, adults were able to choose between NTRP or age singles, doubles, or mixed doubles! It took a full three days, but luckily the rain didn't postpone the matches too much! Congratulations to our champions! Thanks for everyone who came out; we'll see you all at our next tournament!

Men's Open - Mitch McDaniels
Men's 4.5- David Pickard
Men's 4.0 - Marvin Norton
Men's 3.5 - Timothy Baker
Men's 3.0 - Cortland Montefiore
Women's Open - Susan Fox 
Women's 3.5 - Amy Howerter
Men's 70 - George Ivins
Men's 55 - Isaias Montano
Men's 50 - Daniel Pita

Men's Open - John Davis and John Perry
Men's 4.5 - Seth Landau and David Pickard
Men's 4.0 - Aaron Ohmer and Westin Smith
Men's 3.5 - Chris Darden and Joe Vera
Women's 3.5 - Zoe Bubany and Jeunne Fernando

Combined 7.0 - Janine Fernando and Mariano Fernando 
Combined 8.0 - Craig Molloy and Carol Weaver
Combined 9.0/Open - John Davis and Sara Kaufman

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