7/3/15 Firecracker Mixed Doubles

July 07, 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

On the Friday before July fourth, the Reffkin Tennis Center hosted their own Independence Day celebration. During a three hour time span, 6pm -9pm, players competed in a mied exclusive event. There were a total of 4 divisions and 50 participants. Players were encouraged to wear red, white, and blue. Those who wore all three of this colors were entered into a raffle to win various prizes. After three long 8-game prosets, the winners were finally determined. Congratulations to our champions:

Combined 9.0/Open - Meghan Houk and Ian Esquer
Combined 8.0 - Chris Darden and Yemil Andrade
Combined 7.0 - Chris Jester and Allyssa Kilanowski
Combined 6.0/6.5 - Frank and Camille Chrzanowski

Top (left) - Chris Darden, Yemil Andrade, Chris Jester, Allyssa Kilanowski, Catherine Waters
Bottom (left) - Meghan Houk, Ian Esquer, Enrique Zarate

           Karen Gavender-Acker andTamal Bose (7.0-3rd place)         Kristy and Jamie Coffin (8.0)

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