5/23/15-5/25/15 Cowboy Classic Junior Open

May 26, 2015

Saturday, May 23, 2015 - Friday, May 25, 2015

The second annual Cowboy Classic Junior Open took place at the Reffkin Tennis Center this past weekend. The junior tournament lasted three long days as the 183 participants battled for the chance to take home the first place trophy. The following players were lucky enough to be named champions of their divisions:

Boys' 18 Singles - Mauricio Grijalva
Boys' 16 Singles - Pablo Acunarojas
Boys' 14 Singles - Aaron Eliscu
Boys' 12 Singles (Green) - Kai Mills
Girls' 16 Singles - Lindsey Pesqueira
Girls' 12 Singles (Green) - Annabelle Mulick
Co-ed 10 Singles (Orange) - Fernando Gandara
Co-ed' 10 Singles (Green) - Hayze Loop
Boys' 18 Doubles - Gretis Li and Henry Wang
Boys' 16 Doubles - Pablo Acunarojas and Yuri Rodriguez 
Boys' 14 Doubles - Jack Brown and Aaron Eliscu
Boys' 12 Doubles (Green) - Henry Brown and Ntal Richards
Girls' 16 Doubles - Lindsey Pesqueira and Halle Zadro 
Girls' 12 Doubles (Green) - Emily Flowers and Samantha Loving
Co-ed 10 Doubles (Orange) - Roberto Salazar-Bojorquez and Fernando Gandara
Co-ed 10 Doubles (Grean) - Grant Cohen and Hayze Loop
                          Tournament Staff                                           Girls' 12 Double's Champion

Thanks to everyone who came out and played! We hope to see you at our next tourmament!


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