6/21/14 National Junior Tennis and Learning Play Day

June 21, 2014


 Celebrate our First Session of Summer Camp at the End of Camp Tennis Bonanza!

Jim Reffkin Tennis Center

Saturday, June 21
6:00-8:00 pm

The Jim Reffkin Tennis Center closes its first Summer Camp Session with a night of celebration. Our kids have worked hard on the courts, and we want to celebrate their achievements over the last four weeks. It's a wonderful thing to look back over something you've worked so hard on and reflect on how the experience has changed you. This is a night of games, prizes, trophies, arts, crafts, and having a good time with our friends.

Over 200 pairs of sneakers have raced across 8 different locations (The Reffkin Center, Ft.Lowell Tennis Center, Pima Community College West, Sabino High School, Sunnyside High School, Pueblo High School, Santa Rita High School, and Sahuaro High School.) Inside every pair of sneakers is a kid who's tested their limits and risen to a new level in their game. Everyone inside those sneakers has laughed, joked, gritted their teeth, and stopped to catch their breath. We've had tiny toddler shoes run eagerly across the court and we've had high school sneakers stomp with authority. Above all, every person in those sneakers is a kid we're proud of and a kid we'll miss seeing every day. 

The End of Camp Bonanza is free to all Summer Camp participants. This party's going to be a blast, and we hope to see everyone there!

What a night!

We had 100 kids show up to celebrate the end of camp with us, and we rotated through fun game stations with the kids' ages 3-5 Tiny Tots, 6-8 Beginners, 9-11 Advanced Beginners, and 12-17 Intermediate levels. There was a fun Coaches' exhibition, and a chance for the kids to decorate their own tennis ball. Raffle prizes and trophies were given to the kids; the trophies included accomplishments like State Chart Winner, Sportsmanship, and Most Improved for each class. The kids had fun with our Beat the Instructor Mini Tennis challenge, and they gave our instructors a real run for their money! Perhaps we taught 'em a little to well, huh? Lastly, the kids all signed our NJTL Session 2 Poster, so our students next session can see the legacy of our 2014 Summer Session 1 camp- and the bar has been set pretty high!

We'll miss you all; take care and keep playing. 

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