6/13/14 Triple Threat Tennis: Junior QST & Satellite, Adult QST

June 13, 2014

50 S. Alvernon Way
Call (520) 791-4896 to register for all events

Reffkin Tennis Center loads a busy weekend with three events for players of all ages! Slip on your Nikes, pick up your racquet, and join us for a trio of tennis tournaments!

For the kids still green on the courts, we have the Quickstart Tennis tournament for beginners. Any rookie ages 4-12 will love this introduction tournament that teaches tennis at an easy pace. All you need are simple rally skills and a basic understanding of tennis rules- we'll show you the rest! Kids will rally with an underhand serve, play on reduced court dimensions for a child-sized ratio, and will get a chance to use Reffkin's innovative "slower" transition balls that speed success and boost confidence! Everyone starts somewhere, and you'll be pressed to find a smoother  introduction and transition to competition than here at the Reffkin Center.

  • Friday June 13th- 6:00-7:30pm (please register by June 12th)
  • $8 a player
  • 3 supervised matches in 90 minutes
  • non-elimination
  • Ages 4-8 will use a mini-net, beginners will use foam balls and adv. beginners will use our red felt balls
  • Ages 7-12 have a chance to upgrade to the 60ft. court; beginners use red felt balls and our adv. beg-intermediates use orange felt balls

Our intermediate and advanced youth will put themselves to the test with our Junior Satellite Tournament. Whether you're entering grade school or preparing for college, our 6-18 youth will kick it into high gear in three or four short-set matches. Our silver group consists of intermediate players whose trains are on the tracks but are looking to pick up speed. The gold group is for advanced youth who want to prove they're the best of their level. Come to our Junior Satellite Tournament and make a name for yourself at Reffkin.

  • Friday June 13th- 6:00-8:30pm (please register by June 10th)
  • $10 a player
  • limited draw- first come, first serve
  • non-elimination
  • The Silver Group will use green balls

Are you an adult looking for an active hobby with great community? Maybe you started tennis years ago and stopped? Reff-ind your passion at Reffkin in a Quickstart Tennis Adult Beginners Tournament. This fun, stimulating environment introduces adults to easy, fun competition that will make you wish you'd never stopped or wish you'd started earlier. There are 3 matches in 90 minutes. Players use our innovative "slower" transition balls to speed your success and boost your court confidence. All you need is a basic understanding of the rules and simple rallying skills to undertake this introudction to match play and transition to the next level of competition. Are you a beginner, but experienced enough you don't want to repeat the baisc steps? We offer four levels of beginning tennis to help you find the best place for you.

  • Friday June 13th, 6:00-7:30pm (please register by June 12th)
  • $5 a player
  • Quickstart 1 group uses foam balls, Quickstart 2 uses red/orange felt balls, Quickstart 3 uses green dot balls, and the Advanced Beginners use regular balls

Tennis is a game for everyone; come play with us on June 13th.

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