Tucson Senior Olympic Festival - Tennis Event

January 25, 2017

Men's 55 Singles Champion: Isaias Montano 
Men's 60 Singles Champion: Tim Howell
Men's 65 Singles Champion: Frank Graeber
Men's 70 Singles Champion: Peter Harley
Men's 80 Singles Champion: Pothen Varughese
Men's 65 Doubles Champions: Girin Barretto and Gene Greenwood 
Men's 70 Doubles Champions: Alan Sheets and Alger Storm 
Men's 75-80 Doubles Champions: Terry Gautch and Garfield Gimber
Women's 60-80 Doubles Champions: Mei Hand and Kathi Skytta 
Mixed 60-69 Doubles Champions: Mei Hand and Peter Packard
Mixed 70-80 Doubles Champions: Tiny Read and David Frey

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