5/24/14-5/26/14 Cowboy Classic Tournament

May 24, 2014

Cowboy Classic
May 24th-26th, 2014
50 S. Alvernon Way
Reffkin Tennis Center
The Reffkin Tennis Center rattles Tucson’s tennis May 24th when the first-ever Cowboy Classic Tournament rides into town. This brand-new, three day USTA sanctioned Junior Tournament features eight different age groups for boys and girls looking to hit the courts this summer.
Engage in a true Wild West showdown as you stare across the court at your opponent, racquet hanging by your side. Who will strike first?
Join USTA and pistol-whip the $30 entry fee in half.
There will be an opportunity to take Western photos with your family using a special Wild West background. So you don’t have to drive all the way to Old Tucson!
Have a partner to watch your back? Enjoy the summer fun in both singles and doubles matches.
We have 91 single players and 76 doubles players lined up. Yee haw!
O.K. Corral’s Winners Listings 

Boys 12: Christopher Hupp def. Brandon Briganti 6-3; 6-3
Boys 14: Dylan Wang def. Jon Grammond 7-6(5); 6-3
Boys 16: Cole Stofflet def. Nicholas LaPoint 6-2; 6-2
Boys 18: Bogdon Racolta def. Jack Amos 6-2; 3-6; 1-0 (4)
Girls 10: Alexandra Hannen def. Belani Soto 5-3; 4-1
Girls 12: Erin Hannen def. Savanna Kollock 6-1; 6-3
Girls 14: McKenna Koenig def. Julia Wieland 6-2; 6-4
Girls 16: Jamie Schroer def. Daniela Ramras 6-2; 6-0

Boys 12: Briganti/Scheller def. Brown/Richards 8-4
Boys 14: Grammond/Wang def. Cordova/Hootman 9-8(8)
Boys 16: Steele/Stofflet 
Boys 18: Gardner/Racolta 
Girls 10: Soto/Yanez def. Davidson/Hannen 8-3
Girls 12: Hannen/Kollock def. Glidden/Wang 8-2
Girls 16: Chakraborty/Schroer def. Ramras/Scheller 8-6
REFLECTION, by Jesse Boone

What a weekend; three busy days of exactly what makes Reffkin the Reff-inition of tennis: encouraging the next generation. May 24th-26th's Cowboy Classic had a large turnout and an impressive display of talent and endurance we've grown to expect from our incredible youth community. Kids come from all over Arizona to play and bring the best of their game. I was fortunate enough to be there for the tournament's final morning on Memorial Day. Since it was a holiday, I didn't know what kind of turnout to expect when I pulled into 50 S. Alvernon Way. It turned out although most businesses are closed on Memorial Day, Reffkin Tennis Center took no holiday as many courts were packed with not only the youths' tournament, but adults enjoying games of their own.

The kids were all excellent players; I was amazed how young they all were and yet how good they were. None of the matches I saw had many easy or short points- the boys and girls of all ages hit long rallys that showed how evenly matched they were and how good their technique was. I watched the Girls 12 3rd and 4th playoffs hit a surprisingly long rally as their parents whispered on the sidelines. Someone nervously remarked, "This looks stressful," to which one of the girls' father happily replied, "It's a good kind of stress." Indeed, the kids look like they're having fun running around in the heat hitting the ball back and forth. It's an extra bonus to have the parents nearby proudly encouraging their athletes. Girls 12 athlete Emily Flowers got a good cheer from her folks, "Good hustle Em!" after a long rally. Boys 16 athlete Connor Oseran also had spectators talking about him when one parent complimented Connor's dad on his son's impressive forehand. I agree- I don't want to be Connor's next opponent. 

One match I really enjoyed watching was the Boys 16 final between Number 1 seed Cole Stofflet and the Number 4 seed Nicholas LaPoint. The boys rallied in the heat while their families watched from the shady side of the court. Their families were very generous with their time, taking a few minutes to tell me a bit about their sons.

Both Nicholas and Cole have played since they were ten. Nicholas' father says he uses a Wilson Juice racquet and plays high school tennis at Desert Mountain High in Scottsdale. Nicholas picked up tennis on his own and thoroughly enjoys playing at Reffkin Tennis Center; he started coming when he moved down to Tucson in January. "I'm very proud of my son," his mother says.

Cole is homeschooled in Scottsdale. When I asked him what racquet he uses he said, "A Solinco..... (laughs) but no one's heard of it before." They will certainly hear of it now though, because it was the racquet Cole wielded to a 6-2 6-2 victory in the Boys 16 finals. His mother told me Reffkin is, "one of [Cole's] favorite places because of Meghan Houk [Reffkin's Tournament Director] because she's so organized."

And it's not just the parents who think that way about Reffkin's organization- Assistant Tournament Director Lindsey Kotz told me the Cowboy Classic has been smooth all weekend, which is a great accomplishment because this is the first Cowboy Classic Reffkin has hosted. The staff looked in high spirits today, running about the Center whether it was officiating the matches, keeping track of results, or taking photos of the winners in Reffkin's Wild West photo setup. Kids happily posed in front of the saddle and posters with their well-deserved trophies. Reffkin took photos of the athletes, but parents also scurried to pull their own cameras out. I don't blame them- this whole morning was a real treat, and all participants here should want to remember this day.


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