Western States Junior Open L5

November 25, 2016

Boy's 12 Singles Champion: Jose Acunarojas
Boy's 14 Singles Champion: Ethan Lee
Boy's 16 Singles Champion: Jesus Martinez
Boy's 18 Singles Champion: Pablo Acunarojas
Girl's 12 Singles Champion: Julieta Pareja
Girl's 14 Singles Champion: Ana-Maria Badulescu
Girl's 16 Singles Champion: Raquel Pareja
Boy's 12 Doubles Champions: Mario Mazon and Jose Acunarojas
Boy's 14 Doubles Champions: Jose Pena and Hector Salcido
Boy's 16 Doubles Champions: Pablo Acunarojas and Jesus Martinez
Girl's 12 Doubles Champions: Vanya Gupta and Julieta Pareja
Girl's 14 Doubles Champions: Ana-Maria Badulescu and Victoria Milionis
Girl's 16 Doubles Champions: Talya Rezetko and Natalie Valcke
Co-ed 10 Orange Singles Champion: Martin Emmons
Co-ed 10 Green Singles Champion: Saul Acuna
Co-ed 10 Green Doubles Champions: Reed Berbeco and Drew Bergeson
Co-ed 10 Orange Doubles Champions: Martin Emmons and Vikram Narendran

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