9/24/16 Cowboy Classic Junior Open

September 27, 2016

September 24th, 2016-September 25th, 2016

This is the third annual Cowboy Classic Junior Open took place at the Reffkin Tennis Center this past weekend. The junior tournament lasted 2 days as 164 participants battled for the chance to take home the first place trophy. The following participants are lucky enough to be named the champions of their division.

Boys' 18 Singles--Jon Grammond
Boys' 16 Singles--Jesus Cordova
Boys' 14 Singles--Ethan Lee
Boys' 12 Singles--Grant Cohen
Girls' 18 Singles--Chloe Gavino
Girls' 16 Singles--Misa Malkin
Girls' 14 Singles--Annabelle Mulick
Girls' 12 Singles--Veronica Goldberg
Co-ed Green Singles--Elizabeth Soto
Co-ed Orange Singles--Fate Roe
Boys' 18 Doubles--Anton Nazaroff and Jesus Cordova
Boys' 16 Doubles--Alex Alvarez and Landon Miller
Boys' 14 Doubles--Jeevaj Bondalapati and Ethan Lee
Girls' 16 Doubles--Julia Wieland and Misa Malkin
Girls' 14 Doubles--Annabelle Mulick and Lauren Littell
Girls' 12 Doubles--Sophia Lee and Veronica Goldberg
Co-ed Orange Doubles--Gabriela Dabdoub and Tia-Zara Billison

Winners from the Cowboy Classic Junior Open

Thanks to everyone who came out and played! We hope to see you at our tournament next year!

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