4/2/16 Hybrid Junior Super Set Series

April 02, 2016

April 2, 2016

This past weekend was the first of six Hybrid Junior Super Set Tournaments held at the Jim Reffkin Tennis Center. In this super set tournament, players get two rounds of doubles followed by three rounds of singles.
This weekend there was a total of 50 participants, playing in 10 different divisions randing from co-ed 10's orange ball all the way to 18's.

Congratulate our champions:

Boys' 18 - Mason Lee
Boys' 16 - Kaushal Bhat
Boys' 14 (A) - Jeevaj Bondalapati
Boys' 14 (B) - Miles Kennedy
Boys' 12 (Green) - Jared Perry
Co-ed 10's (Green) - Gabriella Dabdoub
Co-ed 10's (Orange) - Fate Roe
Girls' 16 - Chloe Gavino
Girls' 14 - Gwen Gavino
Girls' 12 (Green) - Isabella Gandara

Boys' 18 - Jared Bristol and Jon Grammond
Boys' 16 - Kaushal Bhat and Nemesio Artola
Boys' 14 (A) - Brendan Perry and Aaron Reese
Boys' 14 (B) - Miles Kennedy and Diego Rodriguez
Boys' 12 (Green) - Vinyas Bhat and Felipe Garcia
Co-ed 10's (Orange) -Mike Wood and Avery Eliscu
Girls' 16 - Chloe Gavino and Ariana Villa
Girls' 14 - Gwen Gavino and Eloise Wilson
Girls' 12 (Green) - Isabella Gandara and Serena Hsu

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